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Wiper Linkage Replacement Rods for Fiat Punto 1999-2006

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Ebay Text 2 FIAT PUNTO 1999 - 2006 New Windscreen Wiper Motor linkage push rods fix kit

The symptoms of this fault are very obvious; windscreen wipers simply not working, there's only one windscreen wiper working or the windscreen wiper movement is erratic or juddering with the wiper link popping off frequently.


fiat punto wiper linkage faultcorroded rotten bearing within wiper rod linkage
The poor quality bearings on your vehicles wiper linkage rods wear causing these symptoms

The original soft plastic bush bearings on each end of the two wiper linkage push rods wear down leading to the push rods popping off of their respective ball joint. Dependent on which rod pops off or if the rods haven't popped off but there is excess movement in the joint this will cause the symptoms noted above. It is a very common fault on this model. Until now it has only been possible to buy a whole new wiper mechanism at vast cost which would just fail again.


replacement rod with reinforced plastic bush

replacement rod with reinforced plastic bush linkage repair

Fit our exclusive high quality replacement push rods and restore your wipers to full health.

Our high quality new rods simply replace the original worn out rods; this is a very simple process, with full instructions included. Save the cost of a complete replacement mechanism that would just fail again. Our rods are fitted with upgraded high quality plastic bearings giving a smoother and more reliable wipe, a vast improvement over the OEM part, designed to last the life of the vehicle not the life of the vehicles warranty.

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FIAT PUNTO 1999 - 2006 New Windscreen Wiper Motor linkage push rods fix kit Installation Instructions - YouTube

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fiat punto 1999 red

Fiat Punto

All models 1999-2006 Associated part numbers: 46834852 MK2 188 51704326 MS159200-7350 60511005

replacement rods for fiat punto wiper linkage

2x rods fitted with high quality plastic bearings