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Volkswagen T5 T.51 Cup Holder Drinks Insert for Broken Cupholders

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Ebay Text 2 Volkswagen T5 Transporter Cup Holder 2003-2015”

Broken cup holder mechanism, spilling drinks, rattling cup holder

faulty cup holder onefaulty cup holder two
It is very common for the spring mechanism to break on these cup holders

The OEM Volkswagen cup holder works by retracting to & from the dashboard, when it pops out there are two flaps which hold two drinks. However the flaps work on a spring mechanism which often breaks. The flaps also put too much pressure on paper cups (such as those from drive-thrus) and can cause them to spill.


new t5 cup holder x8r

new drinks holder t5 two

Install our cup holder insert for a cost-effective solution

We have created an improved design cup holder insert which has been injection molded for precision and quality.

Our cup holder insert makes the cup holder tray more sturdy so it does not wobble as much over uneven roads, it also ensures that the existing flap mechanisms do not get worn down & break over time. The insert also makes it far easier to insert a drinks cup or bottle whilst driving.

Check out our video and instructions for full benefits of using our product

UK stock
Quality injection moulded part
Next day delivery available
No more spills!

Volkswagen T5 T5.1 Cup Holder Insert | Broken Snapped Spring Mechanism

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