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3 Door & Boot Upgraded Seals Kit for Toyota AYGO, Peugeot 107 & Citroen C1

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Ebay Text 2 "Toyota AYGO Peugeot 107 Citroen C1 Door Boot Tailgate Seal Leak Fix Seal Kit Seals"

Water leaking in to the boot and footwells. Wet carpets and mats. Rattling / whistling noises, excess wind and road noise. Rattling sounds from doors and tinny sound when closing doors.

c1 aygo 107 failied door seal leakingc1 aygo 107 boot tailgate seal leaking failure
It is a very common fault for leaks to occur on these vehicles, with water entering and pooling in the boot and footwells.

The door seals on these vehicles are poorly designed from the outset and get worse with age. These seals both on the tailgate and doors sit deep within the mating surfaces of the doors and body of the vehicle. This means a large volume of water can pool above the seals. This overwhelms the seals, entering the back of the seals and causes these leaks. As the OEM seals sits so far from the outer edge of the doors this means the outer edges of the doors close directly on the metal of the vehicles body creating a tinny metallic sound when closing the doors.



new replacement door seals extra seal c1 aygo 107

improved door seal agyo c1 107

boot tailgate seal new toyota aygo citroen c1 peugeot 107

Our seals sit closer to the edge of the mating surfaces of the doors, preventing the main door seals from being overwhelmed and leaking.

Unique in design our seals fasten to the outer edge of the vehicles body where the doors close. Our seals are extremely easy to fit, just peel off the 3M sticky tape on the reverse and fit in the positions shown in our video and pictorial instructions.

The seals close up the gap between the body and the door stopping water pooling on the main door seal, preventing leaks.

Also included is a replacement boot seal, this is a direct replacement for the OEM part, this slots in to place as per the original, our seal is improved with a larger diameter to prevent leaks in to the boot.

Alongside this we also supply an additional top seal which works in the same way as our door seals, providing an external seal, preventing pooling of water within the tailgate.

Our seals are a direct fit and can be fitted in under 20 minutes. Our seals are cut to size ready to fit, we also include 3x alcohol wipes to clean the vehicles body prior to fitting our seals.

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Flexible and self adhesive
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Can be installed in minutes

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Citroen C1 MK1 2005-2014
Toyota Aygo MK1 2005-2014
Peugeot 107 MK1 2005-2014

Associated part numbers:

B000651380, 62331-0H014, 8707C7, 9025A6, 9025AK, 9025A8, 9025AL.


seal kit aygo c1 107 boot tailgate seals

X2 External door seals

X1 Improved design tailgate seal

X1 External tailgate seal

X3 Alcohol wipes