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Wiper Arm Bearing Repair Kit for Renault (Grand) Scenic 2

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Ebay Text 2 Renault Grand Scenic 2 II Windscreen Wiper Arm Repair Bearing Fix Kit

Common symptoms include; windscreen wiper not clearing the screen correctly- with a lack of pressure on the screen. If you push down on the wiper arm base and this improves cleaning of the screen this is also a good indication that the bearings are failing. Noisy, rough operating or loose wiper movement is also an indication of failure. Unfortunately due to the poor quality bearings used by the manufacturer failure of this part is inevitable. It is often easy to spot failure of the bearings by inspecting them, you will often see that they are damaged, corroded or missing the protective outer cover.


renault scenic wiper bearingsfaulty renault scenic and grand wiper bearing
The OEM bearings within the wiper arms fail and cause the symptoms noted.

The OEM bearings in the drivers side wiper arm wear and fail prematurely causing wiper issues. The OEM bearings are poor quality and are incorrectly sealed and are not suitable for the application. It is a common fault for both bearings to fail on the drivers side wiper arm. Previously it was only possible to replace the entire wiper arm at the cost of £100+ from the vehicle manufacturer, unfortunately a new OEM arm features the same bearings which would just fail again over time.

wiper bearing for renault scenic and grande
replacement wiper bearing fitted in wiper mechanism for renault scenic
Replace the bearings with our high quality ABEC9 bearings and restore full function to your wipers.

Our kit includes the parts needed to replace your bearings and restore your wipers to full health. Check out our video and pictorial guide showing how to repair using our kit. Our kit allows you to replace just the components that fail without the need to replace the whole wiper arm which would just fail again. Our kit does not compromise in any way on quality, we supply ABEC9 standard duel shielded bearings. Zinc plated screws and washers and Nylock nuts to ensure a vibration and weather proof retention of the bearings. We also include a drill bit designed to cut through the metal spline which retains the bearing. The drill bit is a HSS Cobalt drill, this is a fully ground, high performance cobalt steel drill bit manufactured with 5% Cobalt, chosen and tested thoroughly to make this repair as simple as we can.

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Renault Clio instructions

Renault Grand Scenic 2 II Windscreen Wiper Arm Repair Bearing Fix Kit Installation Instructions - YouTube

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Renault Clio Sport
Renault Scenic 2 II 2003-2009

Renault Clio Sport
Renault Grand Scenic 2 II 2004-2009

Part numbers:

80010797 7701061770

complete repair kit for renault scenic grand wiper bearing mechanism

2X ABEC 9 duel sealed bearings

2X Zinc plated screws, washers and Nylock nuts

1X HSS Cobalt drill bit