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EAS Air Suspension Valve Block O-ring Repair Kit for Range Rover P38 & Classic

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Ebay Text 2 Range Rover P38 EAS air suspension valve block viton o-ring repair fix kit

Leak from EAS system but no visible leaks when testing components, vehicle on bump stops? Slow leak? Complete failure of EAS system?


burned and scored p38 piston liner in dunlop compressor
The O-rings within your vehicles EAS valve block system can wear causing the symptoms noted above.

The diaphragm and or O-rings within the valve block can wear and can lead to the compressor overworking causing complete EAS failure, we always recommend replacing the diaphragm seal when replacing the o-rings in the valve block as both can cause leaks and EAS failure.


p38 valveblock o rings fitted into dunlop compressor
Fit our improved design valve block O-rings and restore your EAS system to full health.

Fit our Viton O-rings and cure those valve block leaks, importantly our O-rings are made from Viton 75, this material is suitable for the elevated and varying temperature range which the valve block endures. Viton rubber also has extremely good wear resistance far outlasting Silicone and Buna O-rings. Beware of cheap kits with Silicone and Buna O-rings we only ever use Viton.

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Recondition your EAS system at a fraction of the cost of a whole new unit!
Next day delivery available
Improved design parts
Range Rover Classic
Range Rover Classic 1993-1996
Range Rover p38
Range Rover P38 1994–2002
LDV and Citroen models
Many Citroen and LDV models

Associated part numbers:

E311660030 , 38769609,

range rover p38 valveblock

1x complete Valveblock o-ring overhaul kit consisting of:

3x Valve Seals
1x Diaphragm Solenoid Housing Base Seal
18x Diaphragm Solenoid Base Seals
7x Solenoid Plunger Seals
4x Port Seals
16x Airline Seals
2x Solenoid Base Seals