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Hitachi Air Suspension Compressor Filter Drier Replacement Kit

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Ebay Text 2 Land Rover Discovery 3 4 Range Rover Sport Air Compressor Hitachi Filter Kit Repair

Is your vehicles air suspension rising slowly, noisily, or perhaps failing to rise at all? EAS Amber light lit? Fault code C1A20, C1A1364, C50, or C1A20-64 showing? One or more of these errors: “Suspension error only normal height available” “Suspension fault; pressure not rising quick enough” Or “Pressure does not decrease when venting gallery”?

Hitachi land rover compressor faultsover saturated filters from hitachi compressor
The piston seals within your vehicles EAS air compressor are worn and the filters saturated reducing output significantly.

The likely cause of the faults noted above and most common cause is a worn piston and glide ring within the air suspensions compressor unit. Coupled with saturation of the filters in the compressors drier unit. This results in reduction of compressor output and triggers vehicle faults as well as extending the time taken to lift the vehicle.


filter replacement for hitachi compressor
Fit our filter kit and replacement piston seals and restore your compressor to full health. Please note this listing is for our filter kit only, please check out our store for seal kits.

Full filter replacement kit to allow you to replace all filters and drying beads within the drier unit, the original filters saturate quickly and drastically effect output, our improved replacements will solve this problem. X1 dryer to compressor Viton O-ring seal, X1 metal filter Viton seal, X1 dryer end cap Viton seal. Replace all dryer seals with our improved material Viton seals to cure present and prevent future leaks.

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Land Rover Discovery 3 4 Range Rover Sport Air Compressor Hitachi Filter Kit Repair Installation Instructions - YouTube

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Land Rover Discovery MK3
2005 to 2009
Land Rover Discovery MK4
2009 to 2012
Ranger Rover Sport
2005 to 2013
Range Rover L322
2006 to 2009

Original Hitachi Compressor Only

hitachi compressor

Our kit will only repair the original Hitachi compressor illustrated above.

If the compressor has been changed in vehicles life to a different compressor our kit will not repair this. It is worthwhile checking the compressor is as illustrated to the left (see instructions on how to access compressor) Associated part numbers, our kit will only repair Hitachi compressor. RQG000017 RQG000018 RQG000019 RQL500040 RQG500060 RQG500061 RQG500062 RQG500070 QG500071 RQG500072 RQG500080 RQG500090 RYG500160 LR023964 LR010376 LR045251 LR044360 LR01530 LR015303 UUB504700 VUB504700

Hitachi filter kit replacement kit

1x Pack of replacement drier beads

3x Replacement felt filters

1x Filter holder, fastners and Viton O-ring seal

1x End cap Viton O-ring seal

1x Drier unit to compressor Viton O-ring seal