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Heavy Duty Garage Door/Floor Threshold Seal

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Ebay Text 2 "Heavy Duty Garage Door Floor Threshold Weather Seal Rubber Draught Excluder Rain Weather Shield ”
garage door water ingress leaves leak

Water, leaves, debris, animals entering your garage through the gap between your garage door and the floor. Water entering garage during heavy downpours. Less than perfect garage floor surface so poor seal with garage door. Drafts and thermal heat loss through garage door.



rubber garage door floor seal

garage door theshold seal

Our unique design heavy duty garage door threshold seal is the perfect solution to prevent ingress of water and leaves in to your garage.

Our threshold is fitted directly behind or under the garage door, the garage door mates to our threshold surface producing a watertight seal. Preventing the ingress of water, leaves, mud, rodents and debris and improving thermal efficiency by removing drafts of cold air.

Whether protecting your vehicle, tools, home gym, home office or whatever the use you can rely on our threshold to keep contaminates out.

Our seal is flexible this is essential as most garage floors aren’t perfect and flat, UV stable so won’t be damaged by sunlight, odour free and keeps its flexibility, even when in constant contact with water.

Suitable for most door styles including manual and automatic. Up and over, sectional, roller shutter and side hinged garage doors.

Our seal features unique grooves on the reverse to allow efficient adhesion and sealing with our selected hybrid adhesive. These grooves vary in width and depth to provide the very best adhesion and seal.

Working with our specially selected hybrid adhesive and sealant this provides the perfect watertight seal between our threshold seal and the floor. Retaining flexibility in its design but providing permanent adhesion this is designed to allow you to drive over the seal with no issue. With a working temperature of -40°C - +100°C this is the perfect material to use.

We have designed our seal with an eye-catching yellow line along the length of the threshold, providing a visual reminder to prevent trips.

UK stock
Flexible to meet the contours of the floor
Next day delivery available
Deep varing size grooves to provide good adhesion

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garage door rubber floor seal kit

Threshold seal in selected length.

High quality branded hybrid adhesive and sealant.

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