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Bonnet Release Cable Repair Kit for Ford Mondeo/Galaxy/S-Max

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Ebay Text 2 Ford Mk4 Mondeo Galaxy S-max Broken Snapped Bonnet Release Cable Fix Inner Repair Kit STAINLESS STEEL Replacement

Cable has gone loose, frayed, bonnet not releasing, cable snapped, broken, bonet stuck shut, won’t release, wont open.

snapped bonnet release cable
The poor-quality metal core of the release cable snaps, preventing release of the bonnet.

The OEM bonnet release cable on these vehicles features a galvanised steel inner cable, this rusts and snaps, preventing release of the bonnet.

This is a very common fault on these vehicles even on low mileage vehicles. There is a sharp bend in the cable just after the bonnet release mechanism, water tends to gather there and inevitably the cable deteriorates and snaps.

Until now it has only been possible to replace the complete cable not only is this a very time-consuming job but ultimately replacing like for like the cable would only fail again in future.


stainless steel replacement cable

Our solution allows you to replace just the inner cable which snaps causing this fault.

Our kits allows you to feed in our replacement internal stainless steel cable, this makes install very easy as the complete cable outer doesn’t have to be removed / replaced. Replacing the complete cable is very time consuming with many parts under the bonnet having to be removed.

Replacing the internal metal cable with our stainless-steel part, this will not deteriorate like the OEM part and will last the life of the vehicle. Our internal cable can be installed very easily please check out our instructions and video. Typical install takes under 15 minutes!

Our stainless-steel cable is soldered / braised to make feeding very easy. It is then very easily fitted to the bonnet release lever using the Allen key included. No specialist tools required.

This is a very common fault on these vehicles, we recommend replacing the cable before it inevitably snaps, this could happen at an inopportune time and makes replacement tricky as the latch has to be manipulated from under the vehicle.

Check out our instructions in case your cable has snapped we show how to release the bonnet so our replacement cable can be installed.

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Ford Mk4 Mondeo Galaxy S-max Broken Snapped Bonnet Release Cable Fix Inner Repair Kit Replacement - YouTube

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Compatible with Ford Mondeo MK4 models from 19-02-2007 to 2014

Compatible with Ford S-Max MK4 from 06-03-2006 to 08-04-2015.

Compatible with Ford Galaxy MK4 models from 06-03-2006 to 08-04-2015.

Associated part numbers: 1751277, 1708879, 6M21-16C657-AN , 6M2116C657AN , 6M21-16C657-AM

our cable replacement kit

1X High quality stainless steel cable 
1X End nipple with fastening screw 
1X Grease pot
1X Allen key tool