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Spare Wheel Mechanism Repair Kit for Ford Galaxy, Seat Alhambra & Volkswagen Sharan

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Ebay Text 2 Ford Galaxy Seat Alhambra VW Sharan Spare Wheel Carrier Gear

The below are common symptoms of failure: The spare wheel only drops a limited distance when unwound. The spare wheel cable has kinked and does not rewind. When turning the lowering bolt a clicking noise can be heard from the mechanism and the cable with not lower / lift. The spare wheel holder mechanism release is not functioning at all.


snapped cog within spare wheel carrier
A plastic gear breaks within the spare wheel carrier mechanism causing malfunction of the mechanism.

These vehicles have the spare wheel stored under the rear of the vehicle. The wheel is retained by a cable which can be wound up and down by turning a bolt in the boot of the vehicle. During normal operation the bolt can be turned which lowers the wheel to the floor where it can then be detached from the mechanism. It is common for the wheel to be wound up too hard or fast, this is often caused by spinning the release bolt too quickly using a spider tool or a power tool, this leads to the cable kinking or jamming. As a result, a plastic gear within the mechanism splits or breaks a tooth / teeth. Even with careful use of the mechanism the gear can fail as it is a poor quality part. By nature this mechanism is rarely used and isn’t serviceable therefore even first use of the mechanism can cause this plastic gear to break.

new replacmeent aluminium cog for spare wheel carrier
aluminium cog fitted within spare wheel carrier mechanism
Fit our CNC machined billet aluminium gear and restore full function to the spare wheel carrier mechanism.

Replace the poor quality plastic gear with our CNC machined billet aluminium gear. This allows you to replace just the gear component that fails within the mechanism without having to buy a whole new mechanism at vast expense which would just fail again. Our part is machined to fine tolerances and is a direct replacement for the original and will not fail again. Our part can be fitted simply using our pictorial and video instructions and will resolve the faults noted above caused by the faulty plastic gear. Our kit comes complete with a high quality Cobalt drill bit for separating the panels of the mechanism and stainless steel fasteners for resecuring the mechanism panels. Enabling you to lubricate the mechanism periodically to prevent any future failure.

UK stock
Machined to fine tolerances, a direct replacement!
Drill bit and fastners included
Improved design parts
Spare wheel carrier gear repair

Ford Galaxy Seat Alhambra VW Sharan Spare Wheel Carrier Gear Installation Instructions - YouTube

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Ford Galaxy 1995-2010
VW Sharan 1996-2010
Seat Alhambra 1996-2010

Associated part numbers:

7M3803660F/G, 7M3 803 660 F, 7M3 803 660 E, 7M3 803 660 B , 7M3 803 660 C, 1418290.
complete over haul kit for ford seat vw spare wheel carrier

1X CNC machined aluminium gear

8X Stainless steel bolts, nuts and washers

1x Cobalt drill bit