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Passenger's Seat Tilt Handle Replacement for Ford Fiesta 2002-2008 3 Door

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Ebay Text 2 Ford Fiesta Mk6 VI 2002-2008 3 Door Front Seat Tilt Handle Lever Replacement Repair Fix 1417520 / 1417521.

Seat lever handle broken, broke, snapped off, faulty. Handle lever breaks or snaps off away from the rest of the plastic parts. The handle might appear intact but doesn’t tilt the seat due to plastic snapping within the handle mechanism. Or handle lifts but only half way and is not enough to tilt the seat.

snapped seat lever fiesta mk6close up snapped seat handle lever
Seat tilt handle snaps, preventing tilting of the front seat.

It is very common for the handle on the seat tilt mechanism to snap on these vehicles. This means the seat cannot be tilted restricting access to the rear seats. Making every day tasks such as carrying passengers, fitting children’s seats and exiting the back seats awkward. We have heard of cases of vehicles failing their MOT due to this fault and the restricted access to the rear seats.


our new replacement seat handle installed

new Ford Fiesta seat tilt handle

Simply install our replacement handle and restore the tilting function of your seats.

Provided the cable release mechanism is OK (this can be checked by pulling with pliers which should tilt the seat) this common fault is very easily resolved by installing our replacement handle mechanism. Our replacement seat tilt handle fits in the exact same way and looks identical to the OE part. Our part allows a simple repair that can be carried out in situ on the car with no special tools required. With the old broken handle removed, it’s just a push fit to install our part. There is no need to remove the seats. Please check out our pictorial and video instructions.

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Direct replacement for original part
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Simple push fit

Ford Fiesta Mk6 2002-2008 3 Door Front Seat Tilt Handle Lever Replacement Install Instructions Guide - YouTube

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Ford Fiesta 2002-2008 3 door (UK Mk6, 5th generation)
Passenger side part number: 1417521

you will recieve

1x Left Hand Seat Handle (UK passengers side) (NS) Equivalent to 1417521