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DSG Mechatronic Gearbox Accumulator Repair Kit (with Oil and Replacement Sump) for Volkswagen/Audi/Skoda/Seat

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Ebay Text 2 DSG / 0AM Mechatronic Unit 7 Speed Gearbox Hydraulic Accumulator Repair Kit Replacement Overhaul Leaking Crack Repair Fix VW AUDI SKODA SEAT”

VW 06079 GENERIC P17BF. VAG 006079/10902/10903, P17BF, Hydraulic pump - play protection. VW 06300 GENERIC P189C. VAG 006300, P189C, Function restriction due to insufficient pressure build-up.P1895, Reduced function because of pressure drop. Loss of power (gone into neutral), no gears can be selected, hydraulic pump runs constantly, you can see hydraulic fluid bubbling/rising out of the breather, flashing spanner icon where gear number usually shows.

dsg accumulator crackedleaking accumulator bllock mechatronic
The accumulator mounting within the DSG unit fails causing these faults

Within the DSG Mechatronic unit, the hydraulic pump pushes oil through the filter towards the pressure accumulator which provides the system with oil pressure when the pump is switched off.

The cast metal part that the accumulator seats in to is too thin for the pressure exerted, this causes this part to crack and for the system to lose pressure causing the mechatronic unit to fail.

To replace the cast metal part is a very time-consuming job and would only fail again in future.



replacement dsg accumulator basenew replacement accumulator

Our unique design repair restores full function to the DSG unit

Our unique repair kit allows you to repair the failed cast block. Our accumulator base mounts to the cast block restoring full function, our improved design accumulator simply then screws in place, providing a full-term repair for this common fault.

For some types of transmission, the repair is possible in situ – provided the mechatronic sump can be removed in situ. Even if this isn’t possible and the unit has to be removed our repair is still far simpler than replacing the cast block which requires complete disassembly of the Mechatronic unit.

No programming is required pre or post installation. After the repair, pressure is restored and normal operation resumes.

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Quality Machined Part
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Save the cost of a complete new block

DSG Mechatronic 7 Speed Gearbox Hydraulic Accumulator Repair Kit Leak Fix VW AUDI SKODA SEAT Install - YouTube

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The below is for guidance only, please check before buying that you have a DSG7 speed gearbox, any doubts let us know your VIN before purchase and we can look up to be sure.

Compatible with following gearboxes: DSG 7 gearbox models

0AM 325 025 M Z1L
0AM 325 025 M Z2B
0AM 325 025 M Z2N
0AM 325 025 K Z6D
0AM 325 025 K Z6C
0AM 325 025 K Z6T

Associated part numbers:

0AM 927 769 D
0AM 927 769 K
0AM 927 769 G
0AM 325 025 D
0AM 325 025 H
0AM 325 065 N
0AM 325 025 J
0AM 325 065 L
0AM 325 065 S


Please check your vehicle has a DSG 7 speed gearbox.

Audi A1 2008-2011 1.4l 1.6l 7 Speed
Audi A1 (8X) with 7-speed dual clutch gearbox Model Years 2011-2016
Audi A3 (8P, 8V) with 7-speed dual clutch gearbox Model Years 2008-2016
Audi Q3 2011 1.4l 1.6l 1.8l 7 speed
Audi TT (8J) with 7-speed dual clutch gearbox Model Years 2012-2016

SEAT Altea / XL 2009-2011 1.6l 1.8l 7 speed
SEAT Ibiza 2009-2011 1.2l 1.4l 1.6l 7 speed
SEAT Leon 2007-2011 1.8l 7 speed

Skoda Fabia 2010- 2011 2013-2015 7 speed
Skoda Modela 2011 1.4l 1.6l 7 speed
Skoda Octavia Model Years 2009-2015 7 speed
Skoda Superb Model Years 2008-2015 7 speed
Skoda Rapid Model Years 2014-2015 7 speed
Skoda Roomster Model Years 2013-2014 7 speed
Skoda Yeti Model Years 2013-2015 7 speed

Volkswagen Beetle / convertible Model Years 2011-2015 7 speed
Volkswagen Bora 2010-2011 1.4l 1.6l 7 speed
Volkswagen Caddy Model Years 2010-2015 7 speed
Volkswagen Golf / Golf Plus Model Years 2007-2015 7 speed
Volkswagen Jetta / Jetta Wagon Model Years 2008-2015 7 speed
Volkswagen Lavida 2010-2011 1.4l 1.6l 7 speed
Volkswagen Passat Model Years 2008-2015 7 speed
Volkswagen Polo Model Years 2007-2015 7 speed
Volkswagen Sagitar 2009-2011 1.4l 7 speed
Volkswagen Scirocco 2008-2011 1.4l 7 speed
Volkswagen Sharan 2010-2011 1.4l 7 speed
Volkswagen Tiguan 2011 1.8l 7 speed
Volkwagen Touran 2010-2011 1.4l 1.6l 1.8l 7 speed

And other models with a DSG 7 speed gearbox.

complete repair kit dsg mechatronic accumulator

1 x Replacement accumulator (complete with o ring)

1 x Accumulator housing / cast block adapter (complete with o ring)

1x Accumulator spanner.

1x Mechatronic unit sump gasket

1x Mechatronic unit to gearbox gasket

1x Syringe to refill Mechatronic unit with hydraulic fluid (through vent)

1x 1ltr Hydraulic fluid to refill Mechatronic unit

1x Replacement sump for the Mechatronic unit