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Eaton Supercharger Oil Replacement Service Kit for BMW Mini Cooper S R53/R52

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This is a preventative service kit to avoid future failure of the supercharger components.


mini cooper s r32 supercharger service

r53 supercharger kit

Scheduled servicing of the supercharger is important to keep in the best condition and to prevent failure.

The R53 and R52 Mini Cooper S models are fitted with an Eaton supercharger. The supercharger is lubricated and partially cooled by oil located in two reservoirs within the supercharger housing. BMW / Mini do not offer a change of this oil / service of this part as part of the service schedule. However other manufacturers vehicles utilising the same supercharger recommend servicing at 40,000 miles.

It is not uncommon for the seals to weep on the supercharger allowing oil to escape. Most enthusiasts therefore recommend servicing every 40,000 miles to keep this oil fresh and topped up- preventing failure of the supercharger components. These superchargers are one of the most expensive components on the vehicle and used units can provide their own issues.



mini cooper s r53 r52 supercharger oil service kit

Service your vehicles supercharger using our comprehensive kit, prevent failure of the unit.

Our comprehensive kit includes all the parts you will need to carry out a full service of the supercharger off of the vehicle. This is the very best way to ensure a full service and complete exchange of the oil. Our parts (developed by working on these vehicles), coupled with our thorough install pictorial and video instructions allow you to carry out this service, providing the ultimate reassurance.

We recommend removing the supercharger from the vehicle to service, we believe this is the most thorough way, all our components included here allow you to do this replacing all consumables, gaskets and parts which will likely need replacing along the way.

We recommend refilling the supercharger off of the vehicle through the drain plugs, we don’t advocate removing any of the casting of the supercharger as we feel this is more likely to introduce contaminates.

Our comprehensive kit includes the following:

210ml turbine oil. Made by Shell to MIL-PRF- 23699G and DEF-STAN91-101 standards. Matching and exceeding Eaton requirements. Enough to fully refill both reservoirs on the supercharger.

Green supercharger to air tube gasket (Vitor Reinz) equivalent to 11610020836. Failure of the seal and subsequent air leaks are common and this leads to rough running and a lack of power.

Viton O Rings (best material for environment fitted) to replace the often perished seals on the supercharger drain plugs.

Bypass valve pipe, ASH branded (select if purchasing for auto or manual so we send correct pipe) Equivalent to 17511524538 or 17517541463. Supplied with x2 Stainless steel slim hose clamps to replace OEM hose clips which are not easy to reuse (11651521321). Note our hose clamps have a band thickness of 0.7mm. Where this isn’t considered it makes the hose very difficult to fit.

Three slim stainless-steel hose clamps to replace OEM clips which are difficult to reuse on both ends of the airbox to throttle body valve intake hose. X1 to replace the clip on the main intake duct (to replace 13721491752) these hose clamps need to be slim line to fit the mounting recess correctly.

A pair of Viton O-rings (the best material for the fitting environment) equivalent to 11517509186 to replace O-rings on the water pump. To replace flange to block O-ring and water pump to flange O-ring.

Viton O-ring seal to replace seal on the crank position sensor (equivalent to 12147514983) This is normally leaking on these vehicles and it is the best time access wise to replace this when removing the supercharger.

60ml syringe with long filler pipe to insert oil in to supercharger drain holes.

3/16 AF long arm Allen key (not found in most socket sets) to remove supercharger drain plugs, metric sizes will not fit and will cause damage.

Dipstick crankcase bung plug, to prevent coolant entering the crank case when removing the water pump.

Bolts and washers included to screw in to the front frame to allow the radiator to be safely removed. Check out our instructions to see how crucial these are.

Replacement dip stick tube O-ring, this should be replaced when removing the tube to access the supercharger. Equivalent to 11437513891.

Replacement throttle body gasket, essential to replace when removing the throttle body unit to service the supercharger. Equivalent to 13547509045.

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BMW MINI Cooper S R53 2000- 2006 (Inc JCW models)

BMW MINI Cooper S Convertible R52 2002-2008

mini cooper s r53 r52 supercharger service oil overhaul kit

X1 Bottle 210ml turbine oil. Made by Shell to MIL-PRF- 23699G and DEF-STAN91-101.

X2 Viton O Rings for supercharger drain plugs.

X1 Green supercharger to air tube gasket (Vitor Reinz) equivalent to 11610020836.

X1 Bypass valve pipe (ASH) equivalent to 17511524538 or 17517541463. With X2 slim Stainless steel hose clamps (to replace 11651521321)

X3 Slim stainless steel hose clamps to replace 13721491752.

X2 Viton O-rings to replace 11517509186 on water pump and water pump flange.

X1 Viton O-ring to replace seal on the crank position sensor 12147514983.

X1 60ml syringe with long filler pipe.

X1 3/16 AF long arm Allen key.

X1 Dipstick crank case bung plug.

X2 Bolts and washers for radiator removal.

X1 Dip stick tube O-ring. Equivalent to 11437513891.

X1 Throttle body gasket equivalent to 13547509045.