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33mm Swirl Flap Blanking Plates for BMW Diesel Engines

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bmw swirl deletefaulty swirl flap 33mm bmw
Swirl Flaps within your engine deteriorate over time and can end the life of your engine!

As depicted above within the intake manifold of your BMW you will find these little blighters referred to as Swirl Flaps. Designed to produce a swirl of air to aid combustion when the engine is under light load; the flaps are held in place by two screws, unfortunately as the swirls move over time these screws can loosen or the spindle making their way in to your engine. This in-turn can do a number of things; jam open the valve port causing the piston to collide with the valve, enter the cylinder itself ending the life of the engine and even after leaving the engine further damage can be caused to the exhaust system.


1x33mm swirlf flap
33mm swirl blanks fitted
Install our Swirl Flap Blanks and rest in the knowledge that your engine is safe

Remove the risk of your car being written off by the swirl flaps, remove the swirl flaps (our product comes with full instructions showing how to do this, others don’t offer this) and install our blanking plates. Our blanking plates directly swap with your existing swirl flaps, simply push in and screw in place. And the best bit is you will notice no difference in performance from you vehicle, you may even notice an improvement if your swirl flaps have deteriorated.

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Precision engineered, billet aluminium blanks with added Viton o-rings!
Next day delivery available
Improved design parts

4X 33MM FOR BMW DIESEL SWIRL FLAP BLANKS REPAIR Installation Instructions - YouTube

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Which size do I need 22mm or 33mm?

Our Swirl Flap blanks are available in 22mm and 33mm size (some refer to 33mm as 32mm they are the same thing). Unfortunately it is difficult to determine which size swirl flaps your vehicle has fitted and as such which size blanks you require. As a rule of thumb but far from guaranteed 22mm tend to be fitted on vehicles up to 2004, 2004-2006 either size can be fitted and 2006 on 33mm size. However over the years many exceptions have been found and BMW do not hold data as to which are fitted to your vehicle. We therefore advise measuring the swirl flaps in your manifold or ordering a set of both size and returning the unused set for refund, this is what most of our customers choose.


BMW engine codes and models:


E46 320d 2001-2005, E83 X3 2.0d (up to end of 2006)

M47TU2D20 updated in 2004 to M47TU2D20

E60/E61 520d, E87 120d, E90/E91 320d, E83 X3 2.0d - end of 2006 onwards

Previous M57 - 2000 onwards M57D25

2000-2003 E39 525d automatic transmission only.

M57N/M57TU - 2004 onwards M57TUD25

E60/E61 525d

M57/M57D29 - 1998 onwards M57D30

E39 530d automatic transmission only

E46 330d/330xd automatic transmission only

E38 730d automatic transmission only

E53 X5 3.0d, E38 730d, E39 530d

M57N/M57TU - 2002 onwards M57TUD30

E46 330d/330Cd/330xd

E83 X3 3.0d

E53 X5 3.0d

E60/E61 530d/530xd

E65 730d

E60/E61 535d

M57TU2D30 M57TU2D30 - 2007 onwards, facelifted E60 and E61

M57TU2D30-UL M57TU2D30-OL M57TU2D30-TOP

E90/E91/E92 325d

E60/E61 525d/525xd E65 730d

E90/E91 325d

E90/E91 330d/330xd




E60/E61 535d

E70 X5 3.0sd

E71 X6 xDrive35d

E83 X3 3.0sd

E90/E91 335d

Still unsure? Visit enter your vehicle details and click browse parts, click engine, scroll down to intake manifold and click on this link this will show the manifold on your vehicle. If the manifold has swirl flaps fitted it will state "Intake manifold with flap control". If this is not listed in the parts list the manifold does not have swirl flaps fitted.


bmw blank 1x33mm swirl flap

This listing is for 33mm Swirl Flap blank(s) ONLY.

If you require the manifold gaskets (which are recommended to be replaced when carrying out this repair) or a different size these are available under "Related Products" below.

Precision machined to the finest tolerances for the perfect fit, maintaining that all important air tight fit. Billet aluminium, so no joints to go wrong, made out of one solid piece of metal! Fitted with a high quality Viton seal. Beware of poor quality rubber 0-rings that other sellers offer, these will not last in the manifold with the elevated temperatures and prolonged exposure to fuel.