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about us
X8R is completely dedicated to providing high quality improved design vehicle components.
Our Philosophy

X8R Ltd is a British company completely dedicated to providing high quality improved design vehicle components; correcting original manufacturers design faults.

We take the common faults associated with a variety of car manufacturers parts and re-design and manufacture parts that will not fail again or that will prevent damage to vehicles.

Our Process
Fault Identification

Most motor vehicle models suffer a "common fault" of some kind, ranging from niggle faults such as a glove-box not latching through to more major issues.

The cause of these faults is often cost counting by O.E part manufacturers. Pence saved per unit looks good from a margins point of view across a production run. However, that saving often results in an unsuitable material being utilised or a critical component not be used. Or in some instances, there can be an out and out mis-design.


When these faults rear their head the vehicle manufacturer generally suggests replacement of the offending part. This doesn’t address the fault and will only guarantee a future failure. X8R here studies the original part and its surrounding parts / environment. Identifies the cause of the fault, be it material choice, design or environment. We then start from the bottom up redesign the part or the failing components, to prevent future failure and restore full function.


When a vehicle part fails it is rarely at an opportune time. Time is critical. We therefore have the distribution network to reach you quick. We can deliver next day within the UK. Our parts can be collected from us in Ramsgate, Kent same day. We can ship anywhere in the world within a couple of days and have distributors across the world to deliver even faster.


All repair kits we sell we design, manufacturer and quality control. Having complete control over this we can always be 100% confident that our parts resolve the faults they are designed to fix. For the life of the vehicle. Our thousands of positive reviews across eBay, Amazon, Google Shopping and Trustpilot are testimony to this.